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August 4, 2022 - Upcoming Free Feature

Dear friends of MeowTalk,

We are continuously improving MeowTalk, adding new features in an effort to give all cat owners worldwide an opportunity to understand their cats better.

Shortly, we are introducing a feature that will allow you to un-blur some of the Premium translations for free. We are grateful for your loyalty and for supporting us in our mission of giving all cats worldwide a voice!

Stay tuned! 


July 30, 2021 - MeowTalk Releases MeowRoom

“MeowRoom saves our users the trouble of manually having to turn on the Meowtalk listening feature on their primary phone to catch and translate a meow. With MeowRoom mode, Meowtalk continuously listens for your cat's meow whenever it happens and instantly sends you the translation, so you never miss any of your beloved cat meows!”

- Javier Sanchez, MeowTalk CEO.

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