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Turn your old phone into a smart speaker for cats when you run MeowTalk on it in MeowRoom mode!


MeowTalk users get a new way to capture and translate more of their favorite cat’s meows with the MeowRoom listening mode.

Until today, MeowTalk users had  to manually activate the listening mode on their primary phone, sometimes missing their beloved cat meows. The MeowRoom mode is a new listening mode that can be activated in a MeowTalk app installed on an older or spare smartphone plugged into the wall outlet, so it always listens for and translates cat meows. 

“MeowRoom saves our users the trouble of manually having to turn on the MeowTalk listening feature on their primary phone to catch and translate a meow. With MeowRoom mode, MeowTalk continuously listens for your cat's meow whenever it happens and instantly sends you the translation, so you never miss any of your beloved cat meows!”

- Javier Sanchez, MeowTalk Co-Founder.

Even more, any primary phone logged in with the same MeowTalk account will also get a notification of the meow translation captured by MeowRoom, which enables users to enjoy cat meow moments even when they are not home. The MeowRoom mode is available on the latest version of both iOS and Android MeowTalk apps.

Never miss a meow in the room again with MeowRoom!

Setting up MeowRoom

Here’s an old iPhone 6s that is over 5 years old, it has a cracked screen and is never used.  But it runs MeowTalk just fine.  So this is how you set it up for MeowRoom: 

Start MeowTalk and switch to MeowRoom mode through the Profile screen.  You will need to have a MeowTalk account already created to use MeowRoom.

Set the default listening location:

Then set the default cat profile:

Plug the device into the wall with a USB charging cable, so you don’t have to worry about the battery dying.  In this example we are using generous amounts of sticky tack to secure it to the wall. 

When MeowRoom picks up a meow in the room you will get an alert on all your phones that are logged in with the same account. 


Never miss a meow again with MeowRoom!

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