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SmartCollar Beta Test Program



At MeowTalk we work hard to help you better understand your cat.  Our team designed a revolutionary SmartCollar that listens to your cat and instantly plays meow translations via a miniature built-in speaker.  It is a magical experience where your cat wearing the SmartCollar is speaking to you!

We are looking to test the SmartCollar device with MeowTalk Trendsetters, a select group of enthusiastic users who get exclusive access to test our new gadgets and features before anyone knows they even exist!

The beta test program is two weeks long and starts when you get the device and email with activation codes.  After you receive your SmartCollar device in the mail follow the instructions below to activate the collar, perform basic connectivity testing and then test for two weeks.

At the end of each week we will ask you to complete a simple survey about your experience with the SmartCollar device.  After the second week you're done!  Keep the SmartCollar to enjoy and and use as our thank you gift for participating in the beta test program.

We cannot wait to bring magic to you and your cat!


Javier Sanchez

MeowTalk CEO


For a successful Beta Test Program, complete the 4 activities listed below.  ​All activities should be completed within two weeks of receiving and activating your SmartCollar unit.  Throughout the two week period you should use the SmartCollar device regularly, daily if possible.


  • The SmartCollar device must pair with the MeowTalk app running on your phone or tablet to work.  If you have a spare phone or tablet that can run the MeowTalk app it would be best to use that device for this Beta Test as it can run continuously allowing you to fully test the experience.  

  • Do not leave the SmartCollar on your cat unsupervised or overnight.  When the unit battery level is low it will start making annoying low battery sounds that your cat will not appreciate.  

  • The SmartCollar Beta is a Bluetooth microphone and speaker.  It will play music from your phone or answer calls if you click the button once.  You should use a dedicated spare device that doesn't have wireless service.

Initial Setup and Test

Install the required version, connect the collar unit and run a simple test.

Complete: When collar unit received

Time Required: About 20 mins

Train the app on your cat's unique vocabulary

Validates the training functionality and experience of the app while using the SmartCollar

Complete: During the first week

Time Required: Depends on the cat

Week-one survey

This first survey collects your initial feedback on the SmartCollar experience 

Complete: End of first week

Time Required: About 15 mins 

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Week-two survey

Final survey that collects your overall feedback and impression of the SmartCollar experience

Complete: End of second week

Time Required: About 15 mins

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