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SmartCollar Beta Test Program - Train the App

This activity is optional but highly encouraged.  Cat's can develop a unique vocabulary to ask for the things they want or to express their feelings.  This vocabulary is unique to the cat and it's owner.  Not all cat's develop a unique vocabulary.  If you believe you're cat does, then follow these steps to train the app to learn your cat's unique vocabulary.

Step 1 - Watch this training video
Step 2 - Train the App

After watching the training video should know everything you need to know to train the app on your cat's unique vocabulary.  Using the SmartCollar,  capture 5 to 10 examples of a unique word your cat uses. It should be the same word and the same context (e.g. the "meow" they make when they are asking for food).

After you have provided 5 to 10 examples, wait up to 24 hours for the app to update; then confirm that the app can accurately detect and translate the unique word in the same context.

This step should be completed within the first week of the Beta Test.

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